Launching on Sunday June 14th: Introduction to Remote Sensing - Online Course and Live Workshop

 Fun fact - did you know that some of the first non-military applications of remote sensing were in clean technology ? The Landsat program was started in the 1970s and the data were first used to map land cover, identify crops and other natural resources. Today, of course, we have satellites, drones and UAVs to give us data for many different applications - the question is how do we work with that data?

In honor of World Environment Day, we will be hosting a live, hands-on workshop and online course on remote sensing data. If you've ever been curious about what remote sensing is, how the data are acquired and accessed and how to get started analyzing the data, come and join us on Sunday, June 14th at 11am-12.30pm Pacific Time.

All our workshops use practical problems to understand the concepts - and in this workshop we'll be estimating the impact of wildfires using publicly available data for Camp Fire - the deadliest and most destructive fire that burned in California in 2018.

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