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The water tech startups and funders making a difference

Imagine H2O , one of the largest water incubators working across several countries, recently held their startup showcase day. Imagine H2O has been around for several years now and they have funded and helped promising startups in over 20 countries to date. They have several startups in their portfolio that have focused on using combined sensors or robots, machine learning and physical systems to solve problems around the world. In fact, this seems to be the focus of much of the innovation happening in the water tech sector recently! Let’s take a look at some water tech startups from around the world. AInWater : The startup focuses on using machine learning and traditional optimization algorithms to monitor waste water treatment plants and help improve the efficiency of their operations. They’ve been featured in Forbes and have been working with a number of water utilities in South and Central America. CivilGrid: A fascinating company that builds a digital twin of utility lines, enviro