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Careers in Clean Technology and Data Science: An overview

  We’ll be doing a series of posts discussing careers at the intersection of data science and clean technology - what kind of jobs are there, what career paths do they lead to, where can you work and what are typical salaries in this field.   The market for clean technology and data science is still in its infancy, but growing rapidly.   The market is divided between several sectors (energy, agriculture, water, climate change) to name a few  and each of these sectors has a market size ranging from multi-million to several trillion dollars.   As data science, including the use of sensors, machine learning, imagery and statistics, penetrates each sector , the market for clean technology and data science becomes correspondingly large. In fact, it’s been   estimated that we could be looking at a market size   between   100   billion to 6 trillion dollars   worldwide by 2025 . To put that in perspective, the software industry in the US has a market size of close to $2 trillion dollars today