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Announcement: Our "Introduction to Machine Learning and Data Science in Water" course is now live

 We're delighted to welcome our first ever cohort to our " Introduction to Machine Learning and Data Science in Water " course. If you're in the water sector, are curious about machine learning and data science and not sure how to get started using it in your work - join our course and we'll give you the tools! This is the first time we're doing a 10-week, cohort-based course and we plan on doing more of them in the future. So, what does our asynchronous, cohort-based course do for you? One of the challenges with completing courses online is that it's so easy to sign up for one, get busy with life and work, fall behind and then give up on finishing the course that you signed up for. Our cohort-based and asynchronous approach helps you overcome that. The course material is online - so you get to complete it and review it when you get the time. However, we also have weekly office hours that are live - so you get to ask your questions to our experts, have th