Clean Technology meets Data Science 101: Part 1

  Clean Technology   was created as a “catch – all” term for several different fields that study and solve problems impacting the Earth and humanity’s ability to live sustainably on the planet. The fields of study range from environmental engineering, where systems to solve pollution in the environment are developed, to urban planning which includes designing sustainable cities and the infrastructure that powers them, to material science where researchers create new materials that can be used with less impact on the environment in extracting and disposing of them, to ecology which encompasses biodiversity, wildlife preservation and the study of the interactions between the Earth’s systems and human behavior. All these fields developed as people grew interested in solving particular aspects of environmental problems. In many ways, they represent different ways of looking at and solving problems that affect the same system. As an example, if we were to look at water as a system – an ecol

Introducing EcoInformatics Or Clean Tech Meets Big Data

  What happens when you have two interdisciplinary fields that are changing what people think is possible? Fields that are expanding rapidly but on the surface seem completely  unrelated? Where each field has more jobs and opportunities than people with the skills to fill them? What if you integrated both fields to solve issues and problems that impact billions of people and the Earth itself? That’s the question that scientists and researchers were asking themselves when computational tools became widely available and the problems we were facing as a species on the Earth became critical. Ecoinformatics started out in the scientific research community as a way to use databases and develop algorithms to test hypotheses concerning natural systems. However, today it has expanded to encompass so much more. Today, Ecoinformatics is where clean technology and data science meet. It’s a field that’s become so broadly defined that it includes almost everything that concerns the Earth and the use


  Welcome to Ecoformatics LLC – an independent company that was founded to bring the latest scientific advances and market research in clean technology and big data to individuals and companies by  providing cutting-edge information and technical know-how through   information products  and  consulting services . Who’s the company for? It’s for anyone who is interested in understanding how artificial intelligence and data science are helping to solve problems related to the earth and environment – in water, agriculture, energy and so much more. If you’re a scientist, engineer or someone who’s interested in technology, our ebooks, workshops, courses, webinars and reports will keep you up to date on the latest research and tech happenings. If you’re interested in what’s happening in the market, we provide a look at funding news, in-depth analyses of the startups and companies working in the space and market trends. If you’re interested in career changes or simply working on problems that