Welcome to Ecoformatics LLC – an independent company that was founded to bring the latest scientific advances and market research in clean technology and big data to individuals and companies by providing cutting-edge information and technical know-how through information products and consulting services.

Who’s the company for?

It’s for anyone who is interested in understanding how artificial intelligence and data science are helping to solve problems related to the earth and environment – in water, agriculture, energy and so much more.

If you’re a scientist, engineer or someone who’s interested in technology, our ebooks, workshops, courses, webinars and reports will keep you up to date on the latest research and tech happenings. If you’re interested in what’s happening in the market, we provide a look at funding news, in-depth analyses of the startups and companies working in the space and market trends. If you’re interested in career changes or simply working on problems that make a meaningful impact on the earth and humanity, we regularly post jobs and openings in this sector.

If you are a startup or are a company interested in our services, we provide consulting services to help you understand, research and build the algorithms and tools needed to integrate data science with your clean tech problem.

Why start this company?

When I was working as a researcher in universities and national labs, in startups as a data scientist and engineer and later at big companies, I found that I had a hard time keeping up with all the interesting and valuable work that was being done at the intersection of clean tech and data science. Both fields are so vast and there’s so much interesting work being done – both by cutting edge researchers and companies and organizations in the field – that getting all that information together was taking way too much time.

So, I started this company because I wanted to make it easier for everyone who’s interested in solving the problems facing the Earth using data science and artificial intelligence to access information about the latest scientific advances, technical breakthroughs and market analyses. The goal is to save your time and provide articles, links and details on how problems are being solved in this space. That way, we can all go out and build more solutions in all the different sectors!

If you’re interested in additional details, read more about my background and the company here.

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