Water tech startups in 2023 - where in the world are they?

What are some of the interesting startups in the water sector this year? Water tech typically does not get funded at the same rate as other clean technology sectors - primarily because the time to achieve an acceptable ROI for venture funds is usually longer than the lifecycle of the fund.

However, there are still VCs who are interested in funding the water sector and there are always startups that find government funding, partnerships and other ways to build and grow.

Let’s take a look at some startups that are combining data science and water to help solve interesting problems!

1. Ainwater, headquartered out of Chile, uses AI-based algorithms to optimize water and wastewater plant operations, ensuring compliance while increasing energy efficiency by 30%.

2. CivilGrid, in the San Francisco Bay Area, helps collect all the geospatial and regulatory information required for water companies and other infrastructure companies to plan their operations.

3. IFlux, out of Belgium, uses a combination of IoT sensors and other sampling techniques together with visualization tools to help monitor groundwater contamination. 

4. Laiier out of England, and WEGot in India use smart sensors and data science to monitor water leaks in commercial buildings.

5. ACWA in France and Ketos in the USA, use robotics to monitor water infrastructure and help decision makers at utilities have access to more robust data.

Did you notice something in this list? Just as water is a global issue, the startups working in the sector come from all corners of the globe.

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